Married Filipino Women Marrying Foreigners


As you all know, a lot of Filipino women or “Pinay” has been flocking to internet cafes in order to search for a foreign husband. Although there are those who are truly looking for true love online, there are only those whose main purpose is to marry for reasons of money. That is why some of these women resort to any kind of scheme in order that they could marry foreigners.

I believe there is nothing wrong if you desire that the person you marry is financially stable. In fact, it is considered a good decision to marry somebody who is financially stable even if not necessarily well off.

I am not saying that marrying foreigners is wrong. In fact I know several people, among them friends and family members who are happily married to foreigners.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Filipino women who marry rich foreigners, for as long as they marry because they truly love their foreign spouse.

What I am critically against is when a Filipino woman marry foreigners for financial reasons or just in order that they could be saved from poverty or for the purpose of going abroad.

This might be very unthinkable that this is happening but this is really happening in reality. These women have “prostituted” themselves just to achieve more material wealth. These type of women do not even care if who they are marrying is older than their grandfathers.

A much more disturbing situation is when married Filipino women present themselves online as as single when in fact they are married. I came across sad stories of broken marriages being attributed to the wife having a foreign boyfriend even if she is still living with her husband.

You might think such situation is the ultimate scandal. But be prepared for more, the ultimate scandal is that some Filipino husbands even consent to what their wives are doing. What happens is that when the foreigner comes to the Philippines, the husband simply claims he is a relative.

What a shame this brings to us as a nation. However this is really not the ultimate scandal, the ultimate scandal is not doing something about it. This is certainly the worst of all scandals which we come to know as “Pinay Scandal

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