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What my post is trying to say is that when you try to make money and it doesnt work for you, you can begin to look for alternative ways to make money. The economy is shot. Jobs are being lost every day. They come and they go. Its sort of like the Bible says that nothing is new under the sun. Its all here and its not going to go anywhere. When you take something and make something much bigger out of it, you can begin to grow into something a lot bigger. Dont try to feel any pain any longer. You have to try and be open and submissive to what the spiritual world is trying to say to you. Just try to open yourself up to new things. Try to listen to what others are actually saying to you. When you take matters into your own hands and learn to work with it, you can begin to listen to your own heart and to your own spiritual mind. You can begin to work with what God has given to you.

You must say to yourself that maybe you are being lead to help others this holiday season. Its so important for you to just let others see that you are willing to help them. You may even try sending your clients some free minutes to spend with you during a live psychic session. It will sometimes even allow them to spend more time with you during a live psychic reading because they feel that you gave them something for free as well. You can already see what is happening in your life when you truly want to see what life is going to be all about. Eventually you will see just how your life is going to come together little by little. Good luck to you this holiday season.

What or who they will be is an entirely different concept. You have to really learn how to focus in on what you really want and then ask God for it. Only God can give you what you really need in life and sometimes we may not be able to see everything. We can sometimes get sidetract by everything that is always happening inside of our lives. I know for a fact that many people out there in the world today are puzzled by what life is going or offering them right now. Its important for you to connect with your child each and every day. Know that you are trying your best and that you will always learn to walk side by side with your child during any circumstance.

The psychic industry has become a huge counseling hotline. Its no longer about psychic readings. Its sad, but true. I think that psychic clients have it easy. They can just pick up the telephone and speak with a psychic for any length of time and at their convenience. Even a counselor or a psychologist only works by appointment and often a counselor has a session with the client and doesnt speak much. A psychic has to do most of the talking and most of the predicting which really stinks. I give anyone credit that is a psychic because they have to respond to a clients question within 30 seconds. This is without ever meeting the person face to face or without ever getting to know someone for who they truly are.

The psychic hotline is jam packed with people that have all sorts of mental disorders to include: bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and other psychological ailments. However, psychics have managed to give accurate psychic readings to these sorts of people that only professionals are supposed to work with. These mental disorders are not easily dealt with and psychics have to deal with these sorts of issues on a daily basis. Psychics do not hold any sort of bachelor or doctorate degree in anything. There is no law that says that a psychic must hold a license in counseling. However, psychics are given jobs where they have to council people over the telephone. They are lucky that the law states that a psychic reading is for entertainment purposes only. If it wasnt for the entertainment purposes only law, many psychic companies would be sued for giving clients false hope and bad counseling.

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