Making Your Thick Toenails Thin


One of the most common questions asked is it possible to make my thick toenails thin? Using a set of guidelines we will attempt to teach you how to change your thick toenails to thin and at the same time keep them in a healthy condition. Preventing thick toenails from occurring is possible if the correct measures are taken.

Many people do not realize that the toenails thickening is a natural occurrence related to them getting older. Taking care of your toenails in your younger years will help to prevent this condition. Among the many reasons for thickening of the toenails, the two that are most common are injuries and fungal infections.

The color of the thick toenail will turn to a yellow or brown if it is caused by a fungal infection. This type of infection will cause the toes to emit a foul smell and pus like discharge. It is very common for athletes and soccer players to suffer from this condition. It is caused by the constant stress put on their feet due to the pressure of the turning and twisting. These movements cause the toenails to become loose and damaged.

When this happens the toenail that is most affected is on the big toe. Another factor that causes thick toenails is walking or running downhill. Trimming thick toenails is generally a difficult task but it is not normally a harmful condition. The treating of thick toenails is not difficult so if someone asks if their thick toenails can be made thin, you can answer them yes they can.

It is possible to make the toenails thinner by filing and trimming them in the proper manner. Files and emery boards are the most common tools used to perform these functions. If you find that your attempts are unsuccessful, there is always the podiatrist to professionally treat your toenails.

While this is a simple procedure that can be done at home, anyone who is suffering from circulation problems or diabetes should speak to their medical worker before doing any trimming of their toenails. Circulation problems can cause you to harm your feet when trimming as the sensations are lessened due to the illness.

Usually for trimming extra thick toenails, they are soaked in warm water and lemon juice for ten minutes and dried thoroughly. Immediately after that the toenails are trimmed with a nail clipper and filed. Trimming of the nails should always start from the corner and nails should be cut straight. Initially, nails should be cut in small bits to avoid splitting.

It is not necessary to suffer from thick toenails as taking care of them will lessen the chance of this condition occurring. First and foremost, the nails need to be trimmed and filed regularly to prevent thick toenails.

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