Macrame Supplies – Materials you’ll want to Get You Started!


The essential types of macrame supplies include cord, rings, pins, work boards and beads. Within these main supply categories are lots of different variations in size, shape and material. Different projects as well as preferences could be the deciding factors in what exact types of macrame supplies will probably be used.

Macrame cords can be found in two basic types: natural and synthetic. Jute is actually a natural-colored, twine-like material, while synthetic macrame cords will be more like smooth ropes. They are purchased in various colors. Synthetic macrame cord can often be braided in their formation as opposed to twisted.

Rings applied to macrame projects range between key ring size or even smaller to large hoops. Hoops or rings may also be used as frames for macrame to be linked to along with the knots tied inside them. Brass rings are classic sorts of macrame supplies, but steel, wood and plastic may also be popular. Different sized rings are for sale for various kinds of projects, for instance a top hanger or as a bottom resting spot for a planter. The shapes of macrame rings aren’t just round – a hoop or frame might be square or heart-shaped together with star-, tree-, or animal-shaped.

T-pins are macrame supplies employed to hold down the project over a board. Macrame work boards are sometimes rectangular, portable and comprised of pressed wood or cork. T-pins penetrate into your boards to keep a macrame project in progress. These are named for their large top cross section which renders the pins easy to maneuver. Lots of people who do macrame discover that knotting strands of cords vertically using a board instead of using a horizontal surface similar to a table is easier and less prone to tangle their projects.

Beads are widely-used in many macrame pieces. They come in wood, ceramic and plastic. Popular shapes of beads for macrame supplies are round, oval and cylindrical. Wood beads may be light or dark stained in color. Plastic beads used in macrame projects may perhaps be transparent or opaque, while ceramic macrame beads are often patterned, for instance with painted floral motifs.

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