Louisiana Civil Service Information


Louisiana civil service is made up of the civil servants employed in the state public service. Louisiana civil service offers career opportunities in the metropolitan additionally rural counties.

The state civil servants are entitled to attractive pay, different benefits and professional setting. Louisiana civil service includes state departments, agencies, colleges as well as universities.

Some state departments under the Louisiana civil service are department of public safety, department of economic development, department of social services additionally department of agriculture and forestry.

Louisiana State University, University of Louisiana and Louisiana community in addition technical college are some colleges and universities under the state civil service.

Since they are the largest employer in Lousiana, they supply a wide variety of employment opportunities.

Many of the career opportunities offered in the state service includes jobs in public safety in addition security, data technology, administration and engineering.

There are both permanent as well as temporary employments in the Louisiana civil service. They similarly provide part time employment opportunities.

The state civil service gains include retirement benefits, health additionally life insurance and deferred compensation program.The department of civil service is the primary personnel agency for Louisiana.

They are responsible for the management of human resources in the Louisiana civil service. The civil service commission is a member body that has authority through the administration of the civil service system in Louisiana.

They enact civil service laws and regulate civil service activities. Six members of the civil service commission are appointed by the governor while one member is an employee who is elected by the state employees.

Louisiana civil service is ruled by the state civil service laws adopted and amended by the state civil service commission.

Numerous Louisiana civil service jobs do not require written exams. The number of written civil service exams in Louisiana has been reduced recently.

The state service continues to streamline the testing procedures. Some of the state civil service exams include accounting paraprofessional test, engineering aide test, enforcement additionally protective services test, professional supervisor contest and clerical, office and administrative support test.

There are study guides obtainable for most of the civil service exams in Louisiana. For non competitive or shortage jobs, Louisiana state agencies are allowed to hire directly.

The hiring is not done via the state civil service in such cases. The state agency can hold their separate tests when hiring directly.

Louisiana civil service has a mass of female employees. The number of civil service employees in Louisiana was reduced in the 2006 due to Hurricanes Katrina in addition Rita.

The number of classified states employees has increased since then but is still below 2005 level.

The average salaries of both classified and unclassified employees of the Louisiana civil service have continued to increase year-to-year.



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