Losing weight starts with your mind


To lose weight consistently and keep it off requires sustained effort and dedication to a plan, most people realise this. We don’t always remember is that with regard to our health, wealth or happiness every significant change starts with the mind. I will briefly outline one method of harnessing your mind in this article. This will assist you in producing the results you want.

1. Define your dream.

What is your desire with regard to weight loss? Is it to lose ten pounds? Twenty? A hundred pounds? Perhaps it is more of a picture in your mind, such as looking good in a bikini on your next holiday. Take some time to sit quietly, take a few deep breaths and let the idea come to you. Refine your desire to one or two sentences. Then write it down. ( I keep a special notebook just for this purpose).

2. Make your dream into a goal.

Great! Have you identified what it is you want to achieve? The next stage is to make this a goal. If what you want is to lose eighty pounds, think of how long you think that would realistically take. How many weeks will it take to reach your goal? Write that down, too. “By (enter date here) I am (enter weight goal) and feeling fabulous”. Of course you can change that sentence and write what you like about how you are going to feel, and how you are looking and what you are wearing. Use your imagination as vividly as you can to come up with a picture of yourself at your ideal.

3. Come up with a plan.

Sit quietly once again and brainstorm the methods available for you to achieve your dream goal. Online tools can really help here..there are many available to count calories, or to find out how much energy is used in a variety of kinds of exercise. You will need an average deficit of 3,500 calories to lose one pound of body weight. Use tools to plan your meals and workout time. This is much easier than you think!

4. Stick with unprocessed foods.

Whole foods (foods with a minimum of processing) no doubt that provide far more nutrients than highly processed foods. The result is they are far more satisfying than highly processed foods, such as packet meals, sweets, pastries, cake mixes and candy bars. Wholesome natural foods include meat, eggs, dairy, leafy greens, and sprouted breads and grains. Foods such as these provide your body with the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs and therefore it is not necessary to go on eating as much in volume as with “junk” foods. Homemade foods are best. For example even a home made cake which is not the best weight loss food, however it contains at most 4-5 ingredients whereas a packet cake contains many ingredients including preservatives and artificial flavours that the body has to break down. Eliminate processed foods and increase your consumption of simple, wholesome foods. The best thing is they taste better too!

5. Use your imagination.

Yes, you can harness your imagination to lose weight easily. Use affirmations daily and you will start to find your mind accepting them and good food choices becoming easier. This is where hypnosis for weight loss can really be of benefit.

So there we have it. Desire, Goal, Plan, Eat well, Imagination. Use these simple steps and start achieving your goals today!

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