Look into the Features and Returns of the Coleman canopy


I suppose you could say that the modern day canopy is a prehistoric design. If you go back as far as you can in history and look into the shape and design of the cavemen you will probably find a form of shelter similar to the modern day canopy. It may of been constructed of grass , leaves, fronds or leather, but still pretty much like the current day design.

Now granted, they probably would have had side curtains on these shelters, but we can provide those today also. A canopy is usually considered a “tent” without the side curtains all the way around. They come in many shapes and sizes, for many purposes.

On the back walls of some peoples homes you will find a rolled up canopy attached above the windows and doors. These can be rolled out when the home owner wants to extend his shade or rain protection over a patio area. Hot dog vendors, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, weddings and Picnics are just some of the many uses for canopies.

Years ago, at the turn of the century, a gentleman named W.C. Coleman was out selling office equipment door to door and happened across a type of kerosene lantern that had been converted to use gasoline. The gasoline burned a lot cleaner than the kerosine and provided a much whiter looking flame. The rest is history. As you know the Coleman company went on to make lanterns, coolers, gas stoves, sleeping bags, tents and of course canopies.

Three minutes is all it takes now to set up the modern canopy. These mechanical marvels can now be folded into a bag where you can easily carry them from event to event. The material used for the fabric is so much better than the grass and leathers of old.

If the you don’t enjoy assembling a tent or canopy with a whole lot of parts, then you need a modern style “pop up” canopy. Just get your three buddies to help you pull the four corners out to unfold the mechanical frame work. One person will work just fine, but for a quick job, get some help. The fabric comes already attached to the frame so after you have pulled the canopy out to its extended position just raise the corners up and lock the tabs in place in the holes on the legs.

Before you attend your next tailgate party at your local stadium, get yourself a new canopy emblazoned with the logos and color of your favorite football team. The NFL now licenses the Colman Company to allow you to purchase a canopy with your favorite team’s colors and name. You can get this in a 10′ x 10′ canopy and add side curtains of the same colors if you wish.

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