Living with Own Means and Building a Chicken Coop


There is the trend of living sustainably right now. Rather than just trusting grocery foods for everyday meals, many people are learning to build chicken coops to raise chickens. Raising chickens means fresh eggs every morning and poultry for meals. This, with the help of a vegetable garden, can economize families some serious amount of money when added up throughout the year. If you are curious how to make a chicken coop to take advantage of these savings, here are few points to aid you get started.

There a few points to consider. The first one is the number of chicken you must raise. You must settle on the number of chickens you mean to hold. This is critical as this will determine the size of the coop. It is important that you grant every chicken ample room for better growth and prevention of diseases. When you are designing a coop for the purpose of maintaining your chickens for eggs instead of for meat, you will only need only to learn how to plan a coop for chickens and not for chicks. The coop for chicks has a bit of different requirements.

Another thing to bear in mind is that you need to have the location of the coop already sorted out. You must secure the area that is safe with no opportunity for predators to take on the chickens. Likewise, this location must get ample sunlight as well as chickens are morning animals.

The last point on how to create a chicken coop is to ensure you can keep it easily maintained and that it will able to clean it in the fastest time possible. One great means to do this is for a floor that is built on a slight angle towards the door of the coop. With this manner you can easily hose out the coop with the waste from the chickens running with the natural slant that you have produced. You can also keep the chicken manure as organic fertilizer for your vegetable garden.

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