Learn How To Control Someone’s Mind


Mind control is a subject of great debate. Can and should this actually be done? Are people really out there controlling other people’s minds? There seem to be several possibilities on how to control someone’s mind.

A subliminal message is a sound or flash of a picture that isn’t really picked up by the conscious mind. Advertisers have experimented with this form of mind control in order to sell more products. They are meant to simply implant an idea in you mind. While it did show a slight increase in sells other factors may have been involved.

A very popular form of mind control is hypnosis. You can even find people who offer hypnosis therapy. This type of therapy is supposed to help you do things like lose weight or stop smoking. It seems to be very unclear how much is due to the therapy and how much is freedom of choice and will power.

While it has been shown that some people may do things under hypnosis that they would not normally do other studies have shown that people will do things during experiments for no other reason than they are expected to do so and a person in authority has told them to.

Some think long term mind control may be possible. I have read stories that say the government may actually use these techniques to help under cover agents be more convincing in their given roles. However it is also reported that a side effect has been found. The subject actually tends to split their personalities.

I believe mind control could be very harmful. When people act in ways they find ethically or morally wrong it can cause severe emotional turmoil and stress.

Our brains are very complex and still a great mystery even in today’s age of modern science. Until we know more then any attempt to control someone’s mind should be considered unethical and forbidden even with the person’s knowledge.

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