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It’s not so uncommon these days to hear several issues regarding playing Airsoft especially in the United States. If you happen not to know about Airsoft, let me tell you more about it. This game has become increasingly popular and in order to play it, players must defeat their enemies by firing air guns with non-metallic pellets at them. These guns are powered by gas, electrically powered gearbox, or manual spring-load.

There has been no known minimum age requirement in the United States to play Airsoft. Now you may wonder why. Since these kinds of guns are not really considered as dangerous firearms, the U.S law thus considered Airsoft to be legal for users of all ages. But when you come to think of it, not many parents would just allow their children to play with these realistic-looking air guns. Though not really considered as dangerous unlike the real firearms, Airsoft guns can still harm or create serious injuries especially if not properly handled.

States have different individual laws, so just remember to check your own state’s laws first before letting your children play Airsoft guns. In Minnesota, for example, children under 14 are not allowed to use Airsoft guns unless they are being supervised by adults. Significantly, in Minnesota, any child under 18 are not also allowed to purchase these guns without getting their parents’ permission first.

However, in California, children will not be permitted to handle any Airsoft guns unless they can get a parents’ permission. And if you happen to have a child who really wants to own an Airsoft gun, you certainly would need the following reminder.

Just by looking at Airsoft guns, we know that these toys look very realistic and very detailed. Don’t be surprised that many people might mistake these guns for the real thing (many police officers might mistake them too!). Do not let your child carry them in public. Any police officer could think that it’s the actual firearm and may even lead to chaos. Nowadays, some states ask for owners of Airsoft guns to have bright orange tips to easily differentiate from the real guns.

One very tragic incident regarding the use of Airsoft guns occurred in 2006 in Longwood, Florida wherein a student was shot by a sheriff’s deputy, thinking that he was bringing a real firearm while threatening other kids at school (the orange tip on his Airsoft gun was painted over). The student eventually died after the shot.

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