Ideas On How To Transform A Basement To A Play Area


As a parent you must have to know how of a small child activity, so it is important to control their activities in a managed way. It is better to make a basement playroom where they can easily release their energy and can do the creative activities

Basements is difficult and costly to be maintained so mostly the large basements remains unused by the owners, there are some useful tips through which the basement can be turned into the beautiful play land for children. This play area would be very helpful for the children.

Firstly, color the basement area. Concrete paints can be used as they specially made for it, so only few new paints will be enough to do that.

Moisture is no problem while using the paint. It sealed the moisture. So the moisture will be not a problem while using the glossy and flat paint. One can also paint the walls to give a new look to the basement.

As basements are cold so the heating effect could be added to it by adding some warmth material such as a large rug. There are many rugs available in the market. A nice shape according to the taste and mind of child can be selected.

Further more, rectangular rug shapes and round shape rug, both are available and anyone can be used. Long shag style to traditional fiber lengths is available.

Round shag rug has all the colors and bright colors can be used in this rug. It will become the fantasy factor for the children. Bright and stylish color schemes will add value to basement. Green and lime can work more than any other color in the play area.

You can end and finish the furnishing by providing some durable boxes of plastic and storage cabinets in the basement. These storages and boxes must be of bright colors as to match it with the rest of the basement.

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