How to Write Great Blog Posts


A blogger always endeavors towards writing high quality blog that grabs the attention of a reader. If you are reading this post, you too are on the path of becoming a great blogger. Before we deliberate on writing a great blog, it is imperative to understand on what defines a good blog.

A good blog post should be interesting and should have information that is relevant to the readers. A great blog post should also be able to promote your SEO strategy .

Writing a great blog post is an art and one needs to keep the following points in mind to come up with a great blog.

1.) Creative titles

A great blog post depends on its title too. You should include relevant keywords in the title. Include keywords that you want Google to index. The Blog Postskeywords should be inserted towards the beginning of the title. Ensure that the title is shorter than fifty characters. Ensure that the title is compelling enough so that the reader is compelled to click on the same.

To make the title creative and exciting, the same should be written in form of a question. Alternatively, you can begin the title with a number or initiate the same in the form of “How to”.

2.) Understand the audience

An ongoing process, the need to understand the audience is imperative and vital for success of any blogging initiative. If you have a Facebook page, encourage your readers to post their comments and offer suggestions. This will help you understand the psyche of your reader and connect with them in a better way.

3.) A better scannable copy

A general user does not read every blog post. They usually scan through various blog posts available on the internet. To catch the eye of the reader, you need to break your copy into subheadings with pictorial description of facts.

Write short sentences and ensure that you use bulleted points and numbered links. This will ensure increased scannability of your blog post. The use of easy to read font type is also desirable. Use Arial, Georgia or Verdana fonts to increase the visibility of the blog post.

4.) Keep it short

Your efforts should be concentrated on keeping the copy short. The blog post needs to be between 300 to 500 words. This helps the content to be reader friendly and also meets the specificity of SEO too. Topics that demand to be written in a 1000 word article should be broken into three separate blog posts that are interlinked.

5.) Leave scope for readers to comment

A better blog post should be written in such a way that it gives opportunity to the reader to comment too. In case you venture ahead and take this bold step of inviting the readers comments, the blog post is sure to generate interest amongst the readers and will help you establish a niche for yourself amongst leading blog writers.

Follow the above listed measures in true earnest and your blog is set to generate curiosity amongst readers.

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