How To Unclog A Toilet ?


Overflowing in a toilet is quite common problem that occurs normally in a home some time or other. Overflowing toilet causes a lot of water damage if allowed to overflow on a regular basis. Hence, it is quite essential to take care while putting things in the toilet. Never throw things in toilet that are not meant to be thrown there.

Sometimes, kids are also responsible for causing blockage in toilet as they could put their toy in the toilet hole by mistake. An easy way to prevent this problem is to use a toilet having a lid lock. This preventive measure is not very expensive and also saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent in clearing the blockage.

It is very irritating to discover that the blockage is caused because of a toy car or a small stuffed animal. A lid lock can be easily opened by an adult but a child cannot open it easily.

You need to carefully handle the overflowing toilet. After knowing that the toilet is overflowing, simply flush the toilet again when the water returns to its normal level. Tell the problem to rest of your family so that they also handle it carefully.

To solve the problem of overflowing toilet, first of all turn off the water tap underneath the tank. In case it does not make any difference then lift the lid of the tank and pull the cup or the float ball in upward direction. Now turn off the main water tap that is found underneath the kitchen sink or wherever the water service pipe enters your house.

Now you need to find out the cause of blockage. If you are able to take out the object with your hand then its good, otherwise, you need to take help of a plunger or a plumbing snake to unclog it.

While using a plunger or a plumbing snake, remove out maximum amount of water from the toilet. Both of the methods mentioned above are efficient n solving the toilet clogging problem. When the problem gets solved, put a bucket full of water into your toilet before you flush it.

If the blockage has gone, the water should go down normally else you need to call an expert. There are a number of emergency plumbers that can be called in, depending on where you live.

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