How To Troubleshoot The Compressor Of The Refrigerator ?


Use of electrical gadgets in a household is on a steady rise and refrigerator has its own place. A refrigerator is primarily used to store the food at a lower temperature so that the same can be used for a longer period without being effected by using the bacteria. Thus, we add on to the savings by using the leftovers, instead of throwing them away.

Whereas, the appliances comforts us most, any small functioning on its part puts the normal functioning of a household totally out of gear. Normal wear and tear can be one of the reasons of this. The compressor plays a prominent role in the operation of the fridge. It compresses the gas inside the machine to bring down its temperature to the desired level.

Sometimes, the compressor stops working in your fridge and the unit fails to cool. With this article the homeowners will explore the basics to trouble shoot the faulty compressor of the fridge. You should check to see if all the electrical controls of the fridge are working.

Check to make sure you temperature control is in the correct position. Inspect the functionality of the freezer fan. Also listen to the sound of the compressor fan that is located at the bottom of the fridge. Ceased fans can be the result of accumulated dirt and debris on the fans. So, clear them properly.

If the compressor of the refrigerator sounds like it is turning on and off frequently, may be the relay is creating some problem. Rapid clicking of the compressor is generally caused due to dirty relay. There should be no sign of dirt and grin on it.

Before making any replacements and the repairs, cut off the power supply to the fridge. At the bottom of the refrigerator, compressor is located where the relay is wired on its extreme right. Locate the relay terminal cover. Remove the cover, and the relay will be right under the cover.

Remove the wire by pulling the connector that holds it to the relay not the wire. Check the relay and the wiring for corrosion and other build ups. Finding the corroded part should be replaced. Also, scrape off the dirt and dust from it.

Set your multitester to read ohms, usually the RX1 or X1 setting, depending on the model of tester. Touch one of the tester’s probes to one of the terminals and other probe to touch first one of the other terminals and then the last one. The tester should display a reading of “zero” ohms for each test. If the compressor motor fails any of these tests, it will need to be serviced by a professional refrigerator repairman.

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