How To Spice Up A Dull Marriage


Is your marriage experiencing dullness? Has it come to the point that spending time with your spouse is boring and uninteresting? The following tips can help spice up your marriage.

Get Out of Your Normal Routine

After being in a marriage for a while, you may notice things to start feeling routine. This is one major reason marriages can become dull and boring. You need to break this routine sometimes. So instead of coming home around the same time everyday, make plans to come home early and surprise your spouse with a gift or even a romantic dinner. Be creative and do things out of the blue that would appeal to your spouse.

Revisit The Past

Do you recall the time in which you and your spouse first laid eyes on each other? What were some of the things that made you two click? Where was the spot that you both had your first date? Revisiting the past when things were really fresh and fun can be a great way spice up your marriage. Try to go back to that special spot where you two had your first date or plan a date where you act like you never met each other. The things that was done when you two met was what got you two closer so do those things again but this time with creativity so that you can add some spark back into the marriage.

Go on Dates

Is their enough romance in your marriage? When was the last time you took your spouse out on a date? I don’t mean those little lunches but a one on one, special, romantic date. Going on a romantic date every once in a while can really spice up a dull marriage.

Take a Short Vacation

Take time out your busy schedules to plan a getaway. If you have kids, hire someone to watch them while you two are away or have family to keep them. The trip doesn’t have to be a long time or cost a lot of money. As long as you are far enough away that you don’t get distracted on the trip, it doesn’t matter what kind of trip it is. Spending quality time is what is most important.

Bedroom Romance

Lack of sex or very little romance in a marriage is one the main reasons why marriages start to get dull and boring. However, this is not a big issue because there are many ways to fix a sexless marriage and also add more romance in the marriage. You can light candles, scatter rose petals over the bed, wear lingerie (if you are a woman of course), try sex toys and different sexual positions, play love music while making love, along with quite a few things that can be done to spice up the love life.

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