Lung Repair After Quitting Smoking


Something that really helped me when quitting smoking was to begin the repairing process to my lungs early on. Just knowing that I was doing something positive to my body was a great source of comfort and focus and I believe was a major factor in me stopping smoking for good!

So what did I do to start the repair process? Well within the first few days of quitting I decided to try a lung detoxification or in short a lung detox. What this does is speed up the process of removing tar, toxins and chemicals from the lung tissue that have built up over the period of time that you have been smoking, and so speeds up the lung repair.

It was really a very easy to follow plan which lasted a few weeks. What did take me by surprise though was how quickly it got to work o my damaged lungs. Within just a few days my lungs were cleaning out the toxins and tar and although the taste of tar was quite unpleasant it was a big relief to see my lungs mending. Ok, you do have to put up with a slight feeling of nausea and a bit of a headache but it’s expected really. Let’s face it, you’re removing some pretty nasty, addictive and powerful drugs from your body, so it’s bound to be a little uncomfortable. And when you consider that it would normally take your body 10 to 15 years to carry out the process unaided then it certainly puts everything into perspective.

What it told me was that I was never going back to smoking again. There’s no point going through a lung detox only to start smoking again. In fact though, the strange thing is the thought of smoking actually made me feel ill. If I even smelled another smokers smoke this also made my stomach turn a little. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of these ex smokers who preaches to smokers to stop. I fully understand the powerful addiction and enjoyment involved with smoking, but I would personally never go back now that my lungs are repaired and healthy.

The strange thing is in the early stages of lung repair it’s very usual to get a cough for a few days This a quite normal and it is also a sign that the lungs a re beginning to repair themselves. The cause of the cough is simply the tiny microscopic hairs known as cilia starting to do their main job which is sweeping out toxins, dust and particles from within the lung tissue. So this is why the mucus that you cough up will be discolored. The other cells that are damaged by smoke are the alveoli and these can take longer to repair. In fact there are some specialist doctors who believe that the alveoli never regain the same level of health in an ex smoker as that of someone who has never smoked. What I will say is that I’m convinced tha a lung detox has helped me in my quest to quit smoking for good.

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