How To Persuade People To Agree With You And Do What You Want


The ability to persuade people is priceless as it could be used to achieve success in almost all areas of life. Skillful persuasion can gain you promotion, add to your client base, have you sell anything effortlessly, help you get and keep a partner, make people open up to you so you can see how to help them and help yourself in the process, have people do what you tell them to do and even be pleased they did it, etc.

To successfully persuade people to adopt your view or do things your way requires a skillful show of: charisma, confidence, maturity, passion, patience, care and respect for other people. You simply CANNOT shove your views down other people’s throats; they will explode in your face, and if you appear to be making too much of an effort you will narrow your chances. Persuasive skills could be mastered over a period of continuous practice.

One common misconception is viewing a person you want to persuade as an opponent. Persuasion is not a battle and never has been, instead it is helping others in order to help yourself. Once you begin to look at persuasion in this light, things will become easier for you. Always bear in mind that everyone you come across including a child is intelligent and has his/her own sets of ideas and views of ideals. You cannot introduce your ideas and hope for others to abandon theirs, instead construct your views around their ideals to have them do things your way.

Even when you believe that an individual has the worst idea, NEVER make the mistake to rub it in that the idea is stupid. You’ll make yourself the enemy by doing so. You have greater chances if you can get the person to talk you through why he/she has adopted that view. Listen to the person and don’t interrupt, afterwards summarize the points to him/her. When you do this skillfully the person may at this point begin to perceive errors and start itching for better ideas. Now you can present your idea, frame it in a way that makes the person’s benefit appear paramount.

In attempting to persuade people, presenting them with a straight forward logic without all the fluffs is ideal. This requires that you research you subject matter critically, examine all sides there are to it, and get ready for questions that you may be asked and objections that will arise. Give a straight answer to any question that you are asked, but when a person raises an objection, listen attentively, agree to a great length with the fellow’s point (never disagree), and finally suggest your super idea. Frame your suggestion in a way that will enable the objector perceive more value for him/herself.

Honesty is one thing you must drill into yourself if you want to be uber-persuasive. Lie to someone now to have them do something and it will later come to hunt you. If you make a mistake or have made a mistake in the past that is related to the issue at hand, be open about it. There is something endearing about people who are open about their weaknesses. It doesn’t show you are incompetent, rather it shows you are too sure of yourself that you can talk about your mistakes openly and not fear it will hurt your efforts. You also need to be honest about the fact that you will also gain if things go your way. Mind you people are not so stupid to believe that you will spend your limited time to make them do something that is solely for their benefit.

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