How To Perform Hypnosis – Hypnotize Yourself Or Other People


It is possible to learn how to perform hypnosis in as little as a few weeks. It is possible to perform self-hypnosis on yourself or learn how to hypnotize others. However if you want to learn hypnosis to help someone with his or her fears or trauma or are interested into making hypnosis your career then more formal training is required. Hypnosis is used to help individuals and without the proper training you can hinder their progress rather then helping them.

One method of hypnosis that is easy to use is conscious hypnosis. You begin by getting the individual to relax and focus on the sound of your voice. This puts the person in a meditative state. Once they are completely relaxed you can begin to influence their subconscious.

You can have difficulties doing this because the person is aware that you are trying to hypnotize them and they will resist. There are also some individuals that cannot be hypnotized, as there are specific types of personalities that are easier to hypnotize then others.

Covert hypnosis is much more powerful but much more difficult to do. In this you use conversation and the modulation of your voice to hypnotize an individual. They do not now that they are being hypnotized so you can influence them in many ways. In order to use covert hypnosis you need to be friendly to enter in a conversation with an individual. You then use embedded commands, which provide great results.

You can also hypnotize yourself by performing self-hypnosis. This can be a great tool to relax and get rid of stress. Self-hypnosis is an excellent option particularly if you cannot afford to go to a professional hypnotist. It is important that you have quiet and are not interrupted. You need to relax and take slow deep breaths. Many people lie to image that they are walking down a flight of stairs and when they open the door at the bottom they are in a relaxing place. Stay ass long as wish and then walk back up the stairs to your life.

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