How to Make Your Timber Decking Last for Years


Rumour has it that spring is here and this means getting our gardens ready to enjoy once more. Looking out of the window, I can see that my decking needs a bit of tender loving care too.

More and more of us choose to put decking in our gardens. Why not! It’s attractive to look at, blends well with the garden, versatile in its use and generally worth the money that you pay for it. But it does need a little bit of care each year to ensure that it lasts for plenty of years. Here is a useful “how to” when it comes to timber decking care.

The best way to take care of it is to establish a routine from the moment it is laid. It is so important to use a quality decking oil on the wood at the very start of its life and I would choose one with a fungicide in it to deter the growth of algae and moss. Another simple task to do from the beginning is regular brushing with a stiff brush. This helps to prevent the build up of any dirt or debris that may develop to cause a problem.

One year on and your decking has probably seen a bit of action! That might include a good dose of snow, ice and rain too. It is entirely normal for Timber Deckingdecking to fade over time; after all it is a natural product that is known to age gracefully. So after a year the decking might be a little faded, stained and grey.

The spring is a great time to get the power washer out (or a scrubbing brush!) and give your decking a good old ‘spring’ clean. I like to use a good decking cleaner there are a number of different products that will do the job.

This really helps to remove inevitable build ups of grease, dirt and algae. Give it all a good wash and then leave it to dry thoroughly. Then get some good quality decking oil and give it the once over again – you’ll be amazed by the difference you’ve made!

If you have some old decking that is a little worse for wear, don’t worry because this cleaning and oiling procedure will do it the world of good and will help it spring back into action.

Don’t worry about small cracks that develop in the wood – they are perfectly normal as the wood expands and contracts a little as the weather changes throughout the year. They should not alter the structure or strength of your decking.

Developing a good system of care for your decking year after year will ensure that it gives you many years of service and a great deal of enjoyment.

One final thought. If you are reading this and are look at getting some decking you can actually buy special decking that has been preserved already and should give you the maximum life out of it.

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