How To Make Use Of An Old Jewelry Box


If you really think about it, we can definitely receive a lot of benefits by recycling unused items inside and outside the house. The jewelry box left inside the drawer is one item you can recycle. There are thousands of ways to transform an old jewelry box into something that can be used at home or in the office on an everyday basis, and if you’re creative enough, you can even make money out of it.

The most common alternative use for a jewelry box is as storage. That is quite understandable and most people do that. You can use it as containers for small items such as keys, coins, and buttons. Simply tie it with a rubber band to secure the lid. If you are using more than one as container, label each box properly to avoid confusion.

If you can’t find any use for a number of jewelry boxes, collect and use them to assemble your very own bead organizer. This will only work if the boxes are of similar sizes and material. Place the boxes side by side, replicating a commercial bead arranger. Attach one box to another, using strong glue and lay the assembled pieces on a cardboard or illustration board. Secure it in place by again, using the glue.

Aside from a bead organizer, you can also transform unused jewelry boxes into a container for your sewing materials. Jewelry boxes are usually sturdier than commercial sewing kit containers and are therefore perfect to use as storage. Aside from that, you’ll be able to save money since you won’t need to purchase a new kit in case your original sewing container wears out.

A single jewelry box is definitely not enough to hold your entire sewing accessory. This is the point when you are going to need to make a pin cushion out of another jewelry box. Simply place upholstery foam at the bottom of the box to serve as pincushion. Now that you have a different container for your needles and the rest of your sewing items, you will have less difficulty in working with them.

Making something useful out of old items such as unused jewelry boxes is both fun and productive. If you want to add more appeal to the boxes, feel free to finish the outsides with some handmade designs and decorations.

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