How to Make Paper Mache Glue


Paper Mache is a construction material that contains pieces of paper which was stuck together with glue to make a crafty object. There are number of paper Mache glue recipes available. You may opt for any 1 according to your preference.

One of the best house made Paper Mache glue is the mixture of cooked flour with water. The procedure to make this glue is as follows:

To make this glue you need 1 cup water, quarter cup flour and 5 cups of boiling water. First you mix the flour with 1 cup water until it is runny. Then stir the mixture to boiling water and then gently boil it for three minutes. allow it to cool. Your home made paper Mache glue is ready now. if you want to store it for weeks then you may add some oil to the mixture.

You can furthermore prepare the glue with 1 part of flour to two parts of water. You should squeeze out lumps as well as can add one table spoon salt as a preservative. This is the cheapest and efficient glue for doing paper Mache.

Some branded glues are furthermore available in the market for making paper Mache. Elmer glue is 1 among them. You can use 50 % Elmer glue and 50 percent water to make your paper Mache.

It is somehow messy though it will offer smooth complete. Apart from branded glue you may also utilise liquid starch. It is easily available in any of the super markets nearby your home. It works tremendous. You may additionally utilise carpenter’s glue to make the paper Mache glue thick.

Delta glue:

This is an all-purpose glue that may be employed well in making Paper Mache. It will give tremendous bonding and accordingly it is ideal for paper crafts. It is clear and flexible. It will not leave any stains.

You can obtain the paper Mache glue from the stationery stores. Paper Mache kits are available in the online shops which encompass 24 boxes, heart, hexagon as well as oval in shape. It moreover includes glue and glitter glue pens. This will support you in doing class room paper craft activities. This will not be messy. This glue will dry quickly.

You may mix the white glue with water to make the paper Mache paste. This will help you to do any shapes on paper including Paper Mache masks. This will be more fun and rousing to celebrate birthday parties as well as other festivals.

For your home produced paper Mache glue wheat flour is flawless. It will stick easily and it is easily available every where. You may preserve it for 1 or 2 weeks by adding salt or oil.

The most vital thing is that it is non toxic. As the wheat flour is edible you can give it to small kids also. Unlike any branded glues this will be safe for children and pets. The process of making Paper Mache glue with flour is interesting as well as fun for kids. This is very low-price. This can be easily utilised on paper crafts.



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