How to Make Magic Props


For magicians to produce an object with a magical manner, there are many different approaches he could take. One of the most effective one is by the use of a magic apparatus. Among the magic apparatuses for production effects, the most common one is to bring an hidden object rapidly into the location of appearance by pulling with a thread of elastic cord.

Same principle can be applied on a prop with a lever. The object to be produced is first hidden and attached to the end of the lever. The lever is controlled by a spring and a switch to release the tension. Before the performance, the lever is pushed and the spring is compressed. They are held in this position with the object in the hiding place. When the magician touch the switch, the tension is released and the object is brought into the right place by the lever.

The Card in Balloon is an illustration. Here, at rest, the arm is in a position that would bring the card within the balloon. With the card affixed to the arm, the arm is turned back against the spring tension so that the card may be concealed within its hiding place in the base of the stand. When it is released, the arm swings around instantly, carrying the card to the balloon. The balloon breaks and the card appears in its place. Other similar tricks are The Card on Candle, The Card in Flowers Vase and The Card Star.

This method is accomplished in yet another way. Here the power is applied through gravity, centrifugal force or other similar power. Usually some means of guiding the object is necessary. The coin wand generally credited to the late T. Nelson Downs illustrates this admirably. The wand is not strictly a wand. It is a piece of heavy wire or light rod. A slot is cut in the outside end and the two sides of the cut are bent outwards in a slight “V.” This, with the main body of the so-called wand, forms a ‘ ‘Y.” The result is that the extreme inch or so at the outside end is somewhat larger than the diameter of the wire.

The effect is to produce multiple coins with a very clean manner. Some special coins are used in this trick. Some a small ring is fused to the back of each coin perpendicularly. The rings are just large enough to pass through the wand but not the cut end. Therefore, a coin can be put onto the wand and concealed by the hand. When the magician swings the wand quickly, the coin is brought to the end of the wand quickly by centrifugal force. The split stop the coin from flying off.

At this point I believe you are well prepared to produce your own magic device to produce anything you desire. Take a step further and adjust the way the object is moved, the way of concealment and the way to provide the energy. You will have an innovative magic effect that blows people’s mind.

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