How To Make A Cross Tabulation In Excel


Yes you can cross tabulate your data in microsoft excels 2003, 2007 and 2010. Like the cross tabulation of a preference quiz of consumers of various cola drinks below.

All you need is to select from the borders drop-down menu of excel and pick the drawing tool to draw your rectangular boxes as much as the number of your data groups requires. The one below should give you the general idea;

Company Very Sweet Sweet Not So Sweet Total
Rola 8 9 7 24
Koka 6 4 6 16
Total 14 13 13 40

A) 17 shoppers said they preferred Rola cola drink either very sweet or sweet.

B) 6 shoppers said they preferred Koka cola drink not so sweet

C) From the crosstabulation above, it seems that majority of these shoppers prefer cola to be either sweet or very sweet and are opposed to not so sweet colas, this explains why Rola cola with high favorability in terms of very sweet and sweet preferences has a total of 24 customers as opposed to Koka with low scores in sweetness preference and a total of 16 customers.



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