How To Get Coca Cola Scholarship


The vision of the Coca Cola company is to have a network of community leaders enhanced by the Coca Cola and have a wonderful world in the years to come.

You either have to be a US citizen or US national and for more information, you can visit their website. And you can submit your applications from August and October 31st. However, you should not be a child or a grand child of any of the coca colas bottling employees; this also involves the companys subsidiaries or even any other bottling or company division. For application can be done online on the coco colas website from the August to October 31st in his/her year. You need to be in a home-school or high school, a senior, wanting to pursue a degree with a 3.0 GPA. You do not have to supply any reviews or essays because it can be reviewed on the online application.

The coca cola scholarship is about two hundred and fifty high schools senior each year. Out of these, fifty are the four years for twenty thousand dollars grants i.e is distributed between $5000 per years in to four years and the remaining 200 are with $10000 scholarships which is divided into $2500 per year for 4 years, moreover you can use these scholarships for any universities with united states. To apply for the coca cola scholarship this is what is required. You are eligible for the 250 4-year scholarship if you are from United States seniors attending the secondary school.

So now that you know how to go about with the coca cola scholarship, do not waste any time. The coca cola scholarship which can be done online needs to be filled in with all the information required for their preliminary requisites. So make good use of this fantastic opportunity provided to you by the coca cola scholarship. So if you are all geared for this scholarship then read further to know more about the eligibility for the coca cola scholarship.

Just log on their website and get your application uploaded. Do you know about the coca cola scholarship? Well, coca cola scholarship and programs are available with a mission of providing fortification opportunities for the young minds who want to enrich their future and make a whole lot of difference to the world. This online application may not have enough space for you to fill in extra information. However, once your application is selected then you will get enough opportunities to provide your extra information.

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