How To Eliminate The Buzz From A Fluorescent Light ?


Lighting the house with the fluorescent light has become a very popular method. Florescent lamps are very economical in away that they lasts for 10 to 20 times more than the incandescent bulbs. Moreover florescent lighting helps slashing down your utility bills as well. As it is known, that incandescent bulbs consume more energy. Another most advantageous part of this newer light source is they don’t burst out with frequent on and off.

No doubt, fluorescent lights are inexpensive and easy to maintain, it has some bad points as well. This causes them an unfavorable choice for commercial users. One of the disadvantages is florescent lamps are a bit noisy as they produce audible buzzing noise as they grow old or if there is some imperfection in the ballast.

When the magnetic field inside the fluorescent lamp increases, it can cause the ballast to hug against the iron rod. When it decreases, it can push it away from the rod again. If the wire gets a little loose, it can rattle rapidly against the rod, creating a continuous hum. Curing the hum noise can be done easily by following steps.

Here, we’ll tell how to fix a hum in a fluorescent light fixture. Fixing the annoying noise in the lamp means, you will have to work with electricity. So, before making any installations and replacements, go to the electrical panel and trip the circuit breaker. Make sure, the power is completely turned off.

Now, detach the lamp from its casing. Inspect all the parts of the light and fixture for dirt and dust. There should be no sign of dirt and grin on the lamp as well as its fixture. So, clean them thoroughly.

Out straight the prongs of the fluorescent bulb that are situated at the end of the bulb. Make use of the pliers to do this. Set the bulb firmly into position and turn the electricity back on. Check to see if the humming stops.

If humming continues, check that ballast mounting screws are tight. If the hum is louder than usual the ballast may need to be replaced. Use a screwdriver to remove the end casings for the fixture. Remove the starter. It looks like a small can. Replace it with a new one. Turn the light on to see if the light is still humming.

Although, homeowners can accomplish the fixing of the hum in fluorescent lights yet, those who lack basic ins and outs of electrical jobs should not do by them. They should call in an electrician for fixing its cause.

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