How To Diagnose A Faulty GFCI Receptacle ?


The GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) are the electrical receptacles that occupy a significant place in the overall safety schema of your home. The areas of the home which have a high probability of water coming in direct contact with the electrical setup, must have GFCI outlets installed.

The faulty GFCI outlets are somehow similar to no GFCI outlets at all as they would not be notifying you about an electrical irregularity. Hence the regular inspection and examination of these GFCI receptacles must be inculcated in the weekly itinerary.

The GFCI outlets monitor the amount of current transferred between the hot wire and the neutral wire in the circuit. Whenever water or something else comes in contact with the outlet’s circuit, some of the current passes through that particular object as well creating a downturn in the voltage level. This is notified immediately by the GFCI receptacle and the circuit trips off. All the electrical devices and the appliances lying after the GFCI outlet in a common circuit also suffer a breakdown.

To ease the task of GFCI maintenance and repair, two buttons are encapsulated in the apparatus of the outlet. One is the ‘test’ button that checks the outlet for it’s expected operation and the other one is the ‘preset’ button that restores the default state of the GFCI circuit. Majority of the GFCI issues are somehow related to the inactivity of the ‘preset’ button.

If the ‘preset’ button fails to do the required job then take a note of the voltage being received by the GFCI circuit from the main power supply of the home. In that case, wait for sometime until the voltage gets back to it’s normal value.

Also check out whether the electrical devices that are plugged into the GFCI outlet are not forcing the outlet to behave in an unexpected manner. Replace such faulty items immediately to restore the normal operation of the receptacles.

If still the cause of the problem is not detected then the internal wiring of the socket has to be tested well to locate any possible fault.

If all else fails then make way for an electrician to handle the assignment.

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