How to Detect The Warning Signs of Emotional Abuse In Relationships


A significant number of the country’s children would have had to deal with the unpleasant fact of having a father who is emotionally abusive . Although this is probably the most commonly occurring form of emotional abuse, it is definitely not the only one. Hundreds and thousands of people have psychological scars caused by a parent, a friend, a sibling or even a spouse being abusive emotionally and these scars are not ones which are easy to heal.

A majority of the victims would not reveal the true nature of a loved one who is abusive emotionally, fearing the social consequences the loved one may have to face . As a result, a significant number of incidents regarding individuals who are abusive emotionally are not exposed to the public and, hence this issue continues to prevail in society.

Covering up or hiding an individual who is abusive emotionally will not bring about a solution to the problem.In contrast the problem could gradually worsen and could lead to disastrous events like suicides or even murders. Often victims of emotional abuse, especially children may turn out to be individuals who are abusive emotionally themselves and so this vicious cycle would remain if no answer is found to the problem.

The most common solution to this issue is counseling and services including family counseling exist to treat individuals such as fathers who are abusive emotionally . Professional help is needed to assist an individual in overcoming an abusive personality and although the loved ones of the abusive individual could help him/her to some extent, it is highly improbable that unqualified persons could help an individual who is abusive emotionally to successfully overcome his/her abusive nature. It is not at all a hard task to find guidance in dealing with such problems and there are many trained counselors and even organizations all over the country who are dedicated to helping those who are abusive emotionally.

An individual who is abusive emotionally can be identified relatively easily. Generally, an emotionally abusive individual tries to control you, blames and puts you down for no sensible reason, displays physical violence by breaking or smashing things and warns you that he/she will leave you if you disregard their advice.

The influence of a person who is emotionally abusive could leave you with low self confidence, low enthusiasm and could even have a disastrous impact on your physical health and thus emotional abuse is a problem that is best dealt with at the earliest stage possible.

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