How to Decorate with Accent Pillows


From their fundamental utilize as bed accessories, pillows have little by small become true decorative elements, employed to attain some unique artistic effects in nearly any room of the house.

Accent pillows for instance are positively a patch of color as well as a true comfort, not to mention that they usually carry unique features that makes them stand out: there is embroidery, special soft materials employed in the design, and even theme concepts added to them.

Thus, accent pillows work unquestionably fabulous for decorating an Arabian Nights room, or a Turkish bedroom of exotic softness. For such occasions, pillows are well matched with special thin and semi-transparent silk drapes as well as with low-leveled beds. Moreover, these are not the only ways to enhance a special atmosphere in your home: the holidays, particularly Christmas is a good time to utilise special accent pillows.

Embroidered holiday messages, Santa pictures, soft materials in matching colors truly complete the magic of Christmas; you may actually pleasant and stun your guests with the velveteen pillows that have a message for everybody’s heart. Accent pillows may be propped on couches, armchairs, beds or even directly on the floor, creating a soft family mood where everybody feels comfortable.

You may even design your own accent pillows at home, since they are pretty effortless to make. all you’d require is some soft material such as velvet as well as some polyester or wool for the pillow filling; as for embroidery, that could be the most hard to make in case you are not a crochet fan too. The colors of the accent pillows require to be either identical, or closely similar to the rest of the room atmosphere.

Contrasting colors are not the optimum idea of all, unless you’ve succeded in some genuinely special visual effects in mind; however in order to attain such color interplays you’d positively require tons of experience in house decorations.

Anyway, the texture and the material of the accent pillows is equally important: for instance silk doesn’t match well with a leather sofa for instance, nor does velvet. Therefore, be unusually careful about the dressing of the accent pillows as it needs to match with the rest of the furniture.

When purchasing the accent pillows it is unusually crucial to learn details on the cleaning procedure; most items have detachable dressings, nevertheless what if they do not?

Hence, either ask for instructions at the shop where you bought them, or take the accent pillows to a professional in the cleaning business: they must actually understand whether your decorative items need regular washing or dry cleaning.



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