How To Deal With Shingles


Shingles can be a debilitating illness that can lead to issues with pain for years afterwards. Guaranteeing that is why it’s better to know how to cope with shingles to make certain that you can get it treated as soon as possible in order to effectively deal with the problem.

A lot of folks do not realise that they have shingles because they get similar symptoms to those of other conditions. The sooner the problem can be recognised the more successfully you will probably be able to deal with this condition.

Shingles symptoms can be very similar to the symptoms of the flu in the early stages. The initial symptoms are chills all over the body and feelings of nausea. Other symptoms which you may experience include high temperature and headaches. Itchiness or numbness especially on one side of the body are also felt frequently.

Once the condition begins to develop it will enter what is generally known as the eruptive stage and when this happens, the symptoms become more obviously shingles symptoms. The pain that is experienced does not seem to go away and is very intense. You might also have a lot of swelling and redness on those areas where you have the most pain. And there are often blisters with a clear fluid in them present.

The reason why shingles is so painful is because it’s a virus which attacks the nerves. Because over the counter pain medication is often ineffective it is better for a medical physician to begin treatment at once as he can prescribe stronger medication to relive the pain. You may have to manage shingles for as long as two months. Having said that it can be much even worse for other persons as in some cases post herpetic neuralgia can develop and this can cause a lof of pain for the sufferer for many years. Most folk who develop shingles will not experience symptoms that are too bad and they will quickly recover from it. If you think that you might have shingles then you should go and see a doctor straight away.

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