How to Cure Lower Right Back Pain


Lower Right Back Pain may be cause for concern. The crucial cause of loss of work hours of office going staff is Lower Right back pain. It is a common problem as well as gives difficulties while doing daily routine activities. if individuals do not perform stretching as well as warming up exercises at the commence of workout, they may experience this pain.

Other crucial reason for Lower Right Back Pain is excessive body weight. When our body is increases the strain on lower back muscles is more because there is change in center of gravity.

Aging is another cause for Lower Right Back Pain. With growing age tissues and cells division is slower. The vertebrae have discs of cartilages in between. They could not be regenerated moreover they are worn. This causes pain while doing any activity. The intensity of pain increases if the nerve is damaged.

The disease like Osteoporosis is moreover a reason behind the Lower Right Back pain. Because of this disease the bones are becoming weak. This increases risk of fractures. In this circumstances doing simple activities like picking up the objects on floor is furthermore done with superior difficulty.

The most common cause of Lower Right back pain is not good posture and muscle strain. To avoid the pain lifting up heavy objects have to be avoided and exercises which can do overwork on muscles must not be repeated.

The treatment depends on the severity of the pain. Pain can be measured in one to 10 scales. At 1 pain can not be noticed by patient; while people look for doctor when they face the acute pain. Such pain may range from 7, 8 or nine. Swelling is accompanied with such pain.

Lower right back pains within 2-5 scale can be lessened by using alternate hot and ice application on the affected area. Once the muscles are loosened their flexibility will be increased. if there is swelling then medication will be helpful.

Once the pain is reduced, the stretching exercises should be learnt from expert. This will enable to avoid the recurrence of problem. Of course this should be done only after the consultation of your doctor.

if these traditional methods are not helpful then other improved methods are utilized. The doctor will find out what causes the pain. Even surgery can be essential if there is an injury to tissue or bone.

The doctor may give you guidelines for conservative methods which will give you comfort. The real thing is to prepare you for facing the problem. There is no magical solution for this pain thus you have to be patient. Nobody else can aid you as much as you may aid yourself.

Any treatment selected will be helpful just in case as well as only if you give your assistance. There are many other methods for care of Lower right back pain: pain killers, acupuncture, chiropractic as well as physical therapy. Massage at the specific area will also aid to reduce the pain.

After recovery from the temporary problem, the long term remedies have to be undertaken. The daily exercise regular is always beneficial for moderate lower right back pain.



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