How To Create Your Own Balloon Centerpiece


When we think about balloons we think about fun and excitement. It almost always brings us back when we are young. These joyful things have always been associated with a carefree, fun and festive time. Having a balloon centerpiece designs is a great idea to add that fun in the party or any occasion that you are having. If you are planning to hire someone to design it for you, check out these tips before you do.

Fun, Floating Flower

Here a way to make people in the party dance more. When they get up from the table these balloon centerpiece dance with them. To achieve this centerpiece all you have to do is choose a colorful balloon, the one that is your favorite, fill it up with water to the third and put a fragrant flower inside. Decorate it with ribbons and nettings and you are good to go.

Centerpieces for The Holidays

Here another idea for balloon centerpieces . Try using a candle powered by a battery (low wattage) and put it inside a balloon. This will make it appear to be glowing in the center of the table. You can design and decorate it with flower or other to suit your style. This is a great ice breaker and a great centerpiece as well. An optional thing you can do is to spray it with a white or silver glitter for that special unique look. This will make each centerpice unique and a work of art.

The Sky Is The Limit

If you want a spectacular look when creating your balloon centerpieces, you can’t go wrong with this idea. Take some long ribbons, pre-cut, and attach one end of the ribbons to the center of the table, either through weights or tape. Take the other ends and attach them to some balloons filled with helium gas. As the balloons rise and twist into the air, they create a great sight and conversation piece for your next party.

As you can see, these are but a few of the choices you have to make some very festive centerpieces using a few simple balloons, pieces of ribbon, or the occasional ring of flowers.

Is it not great that a small number of small objects liek a ribbon can impact a great design? WIth so many things to decorate you will come up with tons other design that will be the talk to your party. The limit is your imagination here, so come up with a unique one for your balloon centerpiece.

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