How to Create Cool Outdoor Relaxation Area at Home


With the summer months beckoning us from only weeks away, we are all looking forward to some much-needed fun in the sun. After months of gloomy and downright frigid weather, the prospect of sitting in a back garden with a cool drink on a Saturday afternoon has never seemed more attractive.

However, there are those days of summer that can be downright stifling. What many of us are looking for is a happy medium to help lessen the effects of a blazing sun while still enjoying the warm breezes. Thankfully, there are a number of outdoor tricks that can help add a bit of style and flair to your outdoor area while at the same time beating the heat.

Natural Foliage

One great way to add a bit of natural shade to an outdoor area is by planting trees in locations that can thereafter be used as lounge areas. The excellent aspect about adding shrubbery is that they do not take away from the added beauty of a location, but rather adds to it. Also, larger plants such as infant pines or cypresses can give privacy from prying eyes. Finally, while these trees will serve to block the sun’s rays during the day, they will actually retain a bit of heat at night, thus helping to take away and chill and blocking any cold breezes in the air.

Take Advantage of Awnings and Canopies

The majority of us enjoy spending time on a deck taking in the sun and awnings can offer the perfect way to limit the amount of heat from above. They are excellent in providing shade for an outdoor party and what is even more notable is that many awnings and canopies are retractable. They will never present an eyesore and can be used only when needed. Besides combating the heat, they can also prove useful in protecting our families or guests from the occasional downpour during a human afternoon.

Create a “Wind Channel”

The wind can provide a cooling breeze even on the hottest of days, and many homeowners are learning to “funnel” this wind. What first needs to be done is to determine the predominant wind direction. Thereafter, the property owner or even a landscape designer can put in place shrubbery, trees, or even fencing that can channel this wind through the area.

Create Ponds and Waterfalls

There is perhaps nothing more soothing than the sound of a babbling brook or a tiny waterfall in a garden. These are extremely easy to install and can be made in virtually any size. All that is needed is a suitable area of land, a prefabricated mould that can be purchased at nearly any outdoors centre, a pump and a water supply.

Then, it is truly up to the homeowner which design he or she wishes to incorporate. Rock waterfalls and lily pads can be added, and some may even choose to stock these wonderful little ponds with goldfish or other creatures. Not only are these an eye-catching attraction and an excellent conversation piece, but it has been shown that even the mere sound of running water can help us feel cooler and refreshed.

These are but a handful of sure-fire ways to help us enjoy the sun while not melting in the process. What is even of a greater benefit is that these solutions are cost-effective and long-lasting. Awnings and canopies can be installed within a matter of hours while natural enhancements can provide cheap and environmentally-friendly solutions that will add a bit of nature and beauty to any outdoor space.

Andy Wigglesworth is a recognised expert in helping individuals create beautiful yet practical outdoor spaces at home. As director of S Zone, Andy advises on the best use of shelter solutions such as retractable and electric awnings to make the best use of your garden, whatever the size or shape.




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