How To Cook With Seasonings And Spices


How To Cook With SeasoningsSeasonings spices and herbs are crucial to enhancing flavor in your meals. Ordinarily seasonings are mixtures of spices and herbs that are prepared to go with a certain kind of dish or type of food you want to cook at home. You can procure most of these from stores or you can purchase bulk seasonings spices and herbs and prepare your own mixtures at home.

It is important to fathom that spices and herbs have a pretty long life if you store them rightly in places that are dark, dry and with average temperature. If the storing place is too warm, it is more likely that seasonings spices and herbs will lose their strength faster and then your food will not have the flavor you desired it to have when adding the spice or herb mixture. Usually spices have 3-4 years of life on the shelter if they consist of seeds and about two to three years if they are ground. Leaves may have up to three years of life in proper storage and blends up to two.

It is extremely encouraged for seasonings spices and herbs not to be stored in freezers. Although some think that freezing will lengthen the storage life, you should take into account that many of those ingredients in blends are dry and leafy and may fade in taste and also in color because of container condensation.

If you want to ensure that your seasonings spices and herbs are still fresh, then you should check the appearance, the taste and the smell. These three are very good indicators of freshness and you can utilize them even when deciding what to pick from a shelf in the super market. If the color is faded, most likely so is the flavor. Furthermore, if the fragrance is not strong even when crushing seeds or leaves in your hand, then you should definitely doubt the freshness of those seasonings spices and herbs.

Another good point you can bank on is again related to storing and saving the seasonings spices and herbs. You should replace the cap or the lid of the bottle or jar in which they are placed by the manufacturer immediately after you have opened it. It is also a smart idea to apply only dry spoons when you measure the quantity of seasonings spices and herbs while cooking and to avoid measuring while holding the jar or bottle above the boiling pot in which you cook your meal. The steam will surely make the flavor quality diminish.

If all these tips related to seasonings spices and herbs are carefully followed, you will gain total success in lengthening the life of you spices, herbs and blends.

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