How To Convert Wooden Sheds From Storage Space To Living Space


Stop putting all your junk out back into your wooden shed and start making it into something more useful – convert it into living space. There are lots of different uses you can get out of wooden sheds. For instance, convert it into an artist studio or into your own wood workshop. They really are as versatile as they are practical.

You will have to start with a clean slate. Once you have everything removed from your wooden shed, make sure all the corners are vacuumed and that there is no more debris left inside.

Most wooden sheds will have a lot of character with the exposed studs and you should use that to your advantage. If there is no apparent rot, you can add a light stain to the wood or simply add a water sealant that will bring out the wood’s natural beauty and give it a finished look.

Painting the inside walls is another option. Since the space is not very big, keep with lighter shades of colors. And, don’t forget to use a primer first. You will get much better results and use less paint.

Use the same steps as described above if your shed has a wooden floor. If you are fortunate enough to have a concrete foundation, you can leave it as is or you can stain it. Staining is a great solution for revitalizing old worn concrete surfaces. It is best for a professional to stain concrete if the area is large but you should be able to handle it for a wooden shed.

Cleaning up and painting the outside is just as important as the inside so make sure to do this as well. Caulk around any cracks or spaces to keep water from coming in. You wouldn’t want this for storing purposes and you sure won’t want this to happen now that you are converting the space.

Now you should be ready for the fun part now that the shell is complete. Depending on how you intend to use the space, start adding your own personal touches. Start by adding or installing the more permanent items like shelving and/or pegboards.

Before you start converting your wooden shed, check out Donald Rickerby’s free eBook: Getting the Most Out of Your Shed. It contains over 100 tips to help you maximize your shed’s potential. His web site also contains kits for wooden sheds, shed plans, and a lot more helpful information.



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