How To Choose The Best Oven For Your Cooking Needs


Are you torn between buying a convection oven or a conventional oven? This is a common dilemma among bakers, homemakers and cooking enthusiasts. If you go and shop online or even walk in an appliance center, you’ll notice that there are already several types of oven with different functionalities. But mainly, ovens are classified into two main types which are convection and conventional or traditional ovens.

To help you pick what’s best for you and your type of cooking let us take a look at some of the things you need to learn about these two appliances. Here are a couple of facts to help you make your choice.


There are a lot of cooks and home makers out there who are already using the convection type of oven. You might ask what a convection oven is. A convection oven uses a fan, usually found at the back to even the heat inside the oven. The air is blown from the outside going in. Because of this feature, a lot of bakers prefer this oven type against the conventional one because it gives cakes and pastries moist texture that is really what cakes are all about.


If you will look closely, the convection oven uses gas or electric fuel. With that kind of fuel, one can cook almost all types of food. There are so many advantages of using this kind of oven. For one, foods are cooked a lot faster. Foods are evenly brown and cook evenly regardless if its placed at the very bottom of the oven or at the very top. You may cook different varieties of food at the same time producing the same results.


It would also be efficient to know that there are still two type of convection ovens. One is the regular kind which is often sold in the market today. The other one is called “true” convection oven or European convection oven. Although both have swirling fan that regulates cooking and heat inside the oven, the true convection oven has extra heating for the food to cook faster. It also assures quality type of roasts and baked products.


If you are going to buy a convection oven make sure you also use the right pots and pans for to create the perfect dish. Pans that have low sides are perfect to use in convection ovens. This is because low side pans take full advantage of the moving air exposing food to it.


A lot of household and a lot of home makers still use the conventional type of oven. Unlike the convection oven that uses a fan to evenly distribute the heat, traditional oven uses heating elements in order to generate heat to cook food.


Traditional oven just like the convection oven also uses both electric and gas as fuel. It is now clear which one is more energy dexterous but because convection oven can cook even effectively even in low heat, a lot of people still prefer convection when it comes to fuel efficiency. But when it comes to roasting meat and other similar types of cooking cooks prefer the conventional type oven.


There are also several types of traditional oven. One is the double oven where in you can cook two or several dishes at the same time without having to worry that they might taste like the other. The other type is of course the single door or single oven. But most single doors are larger allowing more space for bigger dishes.


Thicker and stronger pans that are best used in conventional oven. This is because the ideal foods that are often cooked in traditional ovens are meat including turkey, beef, pork and large chicken.

When buying an oven, your decision depends on the type of dishes you are cooking and the type of food you normally cook. There are also a lot of other features that you might want to behold before buying an oven. These are oven light, multiple timers, automatic shut-off ad many more. Just pick out the one with the most features that you need in your cooking plus the extra cost that go with these features. Happy cooking!

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