How Can You Tell Your Wife Won’t Cheat Again?


Though she has already convinced you that she won’t cheat again, it is inevitable that you will still have doubts on this matter. It is not easy to put trust onto something that has caused you so much pain and frustrations. It is only human enough not to believe anything she says yet, if the affair ended just a month ago or so.

Once you have forgiven your wife the first time she committed adultery, is there any way to know she will not do the same mistake again? There is no fool-proof way to tell if she’s doing it now, or if she will be doing it in the future.

So, how will it affect your relationship? For sure your trust is no longer with her. Dude, you can’t just follow her all the time and play like you’re a detective. And of course, it will just piss her off once she knew that she is under surveillance. To make sure she doesn’t cheat again, there are a lot of ways you can do but the most effective step is to give her your trust little by little everyday and trust in yourself that you can do the things that would motivate her to stay at home and be with her family instead of going out and who know be with somebody else.

Here are a few things you can do that will help keep your wife running home to you night after night. Don’t you want to know the secret that will make her virtually immune to the charms of all other men? Try these things out and see what a difference they make in your marriage.

1) Become a fan of your wife. She wants to feel like you’re her biggest fan. She needs to feel needed and appreciated. Now is the time to earn her undying loyalty just by letting her know how much you appreciate the little and big things she does for you. Tell her thanks and cheer her on. You’ll find that the more praise you give your wife the more she will want to earn your praise and the harder she will work to make and keep you happy because you are making her happy. It’s a self-fulfilling exercise that will leave you both happy in the end.

2) Preventing trouble before it starts. In a relationship, it is normal to argue and to have all sorts of problems. And most of them can be solved if you are going to give much effort to it. If you ignore any trouble arising on the horizon, the disaster is much likely to strike. Pay enough attention early on; you will be able to fix what wrong long before it gets to the point where all the problems have arise. Most importantly, an affair-proof marriage can be enjoyed if two people are attentive, very engaged in a relationship, committed and take pleasure from it.

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