Hot Lovers Ideas – Making Love Mistakes Most Couples Do, You Must Rise Above And You Can!


Why there are such as lovemaking mistakes? There are several reasons but this is very common with lovemaking newbie.

Here are some of lovemaking mistakes and steps to avoid it:

* Fear to make love with the partner No interaction in both partners on something new

Fear or the feeling of being scared before making love is natural but you would not want to spoil your day by showing your partner how scared you are. If you are a newbie with making love, tell your partner to avoid any conflicts and it is good because your partner knows how and what you feel inside.

If you and your partner want to try out something don’t be shy to open up with your partner. Your partner might be very interested with your idea. Make your lovemaking fun being open to each other.

* Foreplay rejection

Foreplay would actually make lovemaking more interesting because it intensifies the passion and urge for lovemaking

* Hurrying to finish what you have started

I don’t get any reasons at all to be in a rush. Lovemaking is not about time, so take your time to make love. Slow down and feel the intensity.

* Lovemaking regular schedule

Well, scheduling lovemaking is really rule breaking because it would not be fun as expected. This is one of the leading reasons of lovemaking mistakes most especially having it scheduled when none of you is prepared.

Don’t feel pressure nor pressure your partner when the mood for making love is not good at all.

* Stuck in old routine

Well, do you really have to set routine with lovemaking? It could be boring for some to stick with old parts of lovemaking. Try to be crazy it times to intensify orgasm. It could work and would be so much fun to try different stuffs.

The key to a successful lovemaking is to enjoy the time that you both together. There must be passion, interaction, enthusiasm, fun, intimacy and pleasure.

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