Home Remedies For Shingles


Shingles attacks the nerves in the body and is a viral infection. Shingles can be very painful and even after the virus has gone from the body, the pain can remain for years. There are a number of natural remedies that are believed to help persons deal with the symptoms of shingles.

-It can be easier to cope with the pain by placing an ice pack on the area where the pain is located. This type of treatment works best when the area where the pain is coming from feels hot.

-Folks who try meditation often find that whilst it does not take the pain away, it allows them to cope with it much better. Those who practice this technique have been shown to be able to handle pain a lot better than other folks. Tensing up can make pain worse so when it comes to relaxation techniques, they really can work. We can also deal with illness a lot better by practicing meditation on a regular basis.

-Try practicing Tai-Chi. If you’d like to design up your immune system to ensure you can have more success with regard to fighting off illnesses, then Tai-Chi has been shown to help with this.

-The pain caused by shingles will get much even worse if you pop any of the blisters so it is really important that you don’t do this. Your recovery could be delayed by bursting the blisters as you could end up getting an infection.

-Rubbing apple cider vinegar onto your skin can help to provide some relief to the itching that shingles can cause.

-The symptoms you get from shingles could end up being much a whole lot worse should you not have enough Vitamin C and E in your diet so make sure that you do. You also need to be certain that you are getting enough Vitamin B12 in your diet as this is vital for good nerve health.

The advice above should help you to get some relief from the symptoms of shingles.

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