History of Genetically Modified Crops


There is a relatively a long history of genetically modified foods. When it comes to the history of genetically modified foods, the reasons for producing the genetically modified foods plays a important role. First, of all, let us have a look at why the genetically modified foods were developed and the history of genetically modified foods.

When it comes to farming, there have been a lot of issues. As an example, some foods can not tolerate the coldness, therefore the farmers were not able to cultivate them during certain period of the year.

Therefore, the income of such farmers were reduced, the food volume coming out to the market was reduced, making the food prices go high. In a scenario like this, both the farmer as well as the consumer were in trouble.

Another example is that there are accordingly numerous kinds of foods cultivated in certain parts of the world, such as Africa, however these foods do not have enough nutrition to cater the requirements of the folks over there. Artificially increasing the nutrition value of these foods was 1 of the answers.

The history of genetically modified foods shows that the reason having foods modified genetically is due to the above 2 factors; to increase the crop output and to enhance the quality of the foods.

Years ago, at the commencing of the history of genetically modified foods, scientists did trans-gene implementations for foods in order to give 1 food the characteristics of another.

This was mainly done for the protection of crops. As an example, genes that are successful in facing the pests were introduced to the foods that are weak in the same area in order to make the crops resistant to pests. This was actually working from the start as well as scientific world start looking more into the same.

In the history of genetically modified foods, first time, big organizations involved in foods manufacturing, such as Nestle, started investing heavily into the genetically modified foods market.

Nevertheless certain implementations were not tested thoroughly, resulting a lot of debates. As an example, certain genetically modified foods started becoming allergenic as they contained foreign element from other plants and foods. This produced the genetically modified food unpopular among many number of people, forcing the genetically modified foods manufacturers to take essential steps to test the implementations thoroughly.

In the latter part of history of genetically modified foods, some of the immense companies refused to invest in genetically modified foods as it was not a global market as some countries started having bans against the modified foods.



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