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Many partners will look for advice on how to help my marriage. You may feel that your situation is very bleak but as long as both of the individuals in the partnership are willing to work at it, it is possible to save your marriage. With such busy lives, particularly for those that work and having children, actually spending time with your partner can be difficult. You may feel that you two are slowly becoming strangers.

Couples therapy is highly recommended as a way to save your marriage. One of the first things suggested is that you make time to spend with your partner one on one without your children. You may be busy but this alone time is important, think of it as dating your spouse. You do not need to agree on everything but when you do disagree you need to do so constructively so that the argument does not drag on. Listening during a disagreement is important even if you do not agree you need to really listen to your partner and determine why they feel the way they do.

It is important to help my marriage early. If you let years go by before looking for help then the chances of losing your marriage increase greatly. You also will be unhappier longer and it is better to get help early so you and your partner can be happy. It is also important to edit your conversation. You do not need to say every critical thought running through your head. Instead stick to the important ones and let the little things go.

The tone of voice you use when talking about a problem is also very important. By gently introducing an issue in a calm and not casting blame is a much better way of resolving problems then by being loud and upset and casting blame immediately. If you are calm and collected then you will have a much better chance of resolving the issues without anyone getting their feelings hurt.

It is also important not to set the bar too high, as no one is perfect. Many newlyweds will have high standards for their partners and have difficulty with forgiveness. Being able to be influenced and flexible with your partner will go along way. Many researchers find that men have more difficulty with this then women. If your partner needs some help and you have plans then it will go a long way to change your plans to help your partner. It is not necessary to do this every time but your partner will appreciate it when you do.

Some successful tips to exiting the argument before it goes overboard include using humor, making it clear you are on common ground, backing down, offering signs of appreciation, changing to topic to something unrelated and stroking your partner with a caring remark. You also need to focus on the bright side and discuss your problems. It is important to make a lot of positive statements to your partner. To help my marriage you will need to take a hard look at your relationship and the changes needed.

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