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Have you ever thought about your dream wedding? I would like to have a wedding like that in ‘Mama Mia’ if I would have a summer wedding. On a beautiful beach having a cocktail party with my beloved relatives and friends!

But I would like a winter wedding more, summer is just too hot for a lovely long laced wedding dress…especially when hot bikini girls are walking around the party that you are having your wedding party! But of course my male friends would like a beach wedding party a lot!

Romantic is the word that I would use describe winter. The couples hug each other even harder when the weather is colder! Therefore I love a winter wedding in a country that snows, so that I can have a close, sweet and ‘warm’ wedding with my otherhalf!

What about having my wedding in Switzerland, in an Ice-House? That seems very exciting! But that may seem too expensive to invite all my relatives and friends to come and witness…Then no one will be going to my party!

How about making new friends there so that I can have many friends to have a great wedding party with me and my sweety? That sounds a nice idea! Having new friends to come to the party would make my party be on full swing!

I would ask my new friends to help me organize a traditional Swiss wedding party. I believe that they can give me surprises! And I am sure that these surprises would give me a very ‘warm’ wedding party and a number of new friends!

Although this is just a dream, you can never be sure that this would not happen, right? How about you? Do you like a summer wedding or a winter wedding more? How does your dream wedding look like? I hope my dream can be realized someday.

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