Happy and Healthy Life with Less Belly Fat


A toned and slim midsection is certainly the greatest goals one can achieve in life. While it could be a great idea to do a couple of sit-ups to get the desired results, removing those oodles of fat from the belly region required a lot more than just a few exercises. It is all about dedication and motivation. Spot fat reduction – the concept of losing weight from one targeted part of the body is just a myth. Therefore, you must employ all the important things, such as combination of well-rounded and nutritious diet with fitness routine to get that hour-glass figure.

Remember, if you want to lose belly fat only to get back to your bathing suit days, then you still do not know what are the risks associated with it? Belly fat is basically visceral fat – a typical fat type that is metabolically more active than subcutaneous fat present in other parts of the body. So you need to follow strict diet and workout regime to get rid of the stubborn belly fat.

Less Belly Fat and Healthy Eating

In order to lose weight, you must burn more calories from your body than you have consumed. Choosing nutrient-dense and healthy foods and keeping a close watch on your fat consumption will allow you to cut back on your calories.

You can choose a wide range of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy and lean protein for your health as well. Although it is not necessary to maintain a food journal for a while, you should be able to handle your eating habits. If a journal helps you, it would certainly be a great idea!

Eat lots of fiber to keep your system clean and for better digestion. It will help in lowering the levels of cholesterol in blood as well. While fiber contained in fruits, whole grains, vegetables and other food ingredients promotes weight loss in general, it also helps in keeping the stomach full for long between meals. If you eat a high fiber meal, you are less likely to feel hunger pangs for a few hours. It certainly targets your tummy.

Your system requires a lot of water; do not compromise with your water intake. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, with additional juices, stews and broths to maintain a balance.

Active Living contributes to Less Belly Fat

If you want to lose belly fat and burn off excessive calories from the body, you must indulge in a lot of activities that will keep you energized.

Cardio workouts are the best for your weight loss goals, especially involving your belly region. Walking, running, jogging, cycling and swimming are some of the common forms of cardio workouts that you can try. These are great staples to begin with. It will get your heart pumping too.

Strength training is a very important for m of exercise for losing belly fat and toning the tummy. Whilst stomach toning workouts will not lead to direct weight loss in the midsection, it will certainly help in making the stomach muscles firmer and toner. Planks, sit-ups, crunches are some of the good staples for toning the tummy. Include all the exercises that target core muscles, starting from your abs to the back.




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