Gun Safety in the Home


Guns are used for a variety of reasons ranging from self defense to hunting. Some gun owners simply enjoy collecting guns due to the history and unique designs. Whatever the reason one loves guns it is important to consider how the guns are stored.

Gun safety is a topic that all gun owners need to be aware of and actively involved in. Even if the gun owner does not have children living in his home, consider that children can still come to visit and take all necessary precautions to keep everyone safe.

Gun safety has many important aspects. The first is safely storing guns by unloading them. Some gun owners keep guns in their homes as a method of self defense and as part of their home protection system. Those gun owners may find it necessary to keep their guns loaded, but gun owners with small children living in their homes would be advised to keep all guns unloaded.

Another important thing is to store bullets away from the gun as children have an endless amount of curiosity. Storing guns without any ammunition in them and in a separate place from the ammunition helps to guarantee that if children should come across the guns they are unable to harm themselves.

Although guns should be stored in a way that children would not be able to harm themselves, it is still recommended that guns be stored in a locked gun cabinet or safe. There are many different options available that aid in gun safety and also keep guns secure should an intruder break into the home. A stand up gun cabinet easily stores rifles and other long firearms. They can often be secured to a wall and have locks to keep children out. The locks on gun cabinets and safes come in many varieties.

It is important to choose the option that best suits one’s individual needs. There are key locks, coded locks, locks with key pads, and finger print recognition locks. Reading reviews and customer feedback on a specific gun cabinet or safe are important in understanding how well any of these features work on a given model.

Gun safes come in small sizes that easily hold one or two small hand guns or come in a full chest size for a much higher price. These are often harder to get into and some find them more secure. If purchasing a small gun safe one should still bolt it to a shelf or some other object to prevent any theft from occurring.

Clearly those first two steps are important in preventing children from coming into contact with a loaded weapon, but with firearms one can never be too cautious. The last step in gun safety is to educate all people, but especially children on the dangers of firearms and the proper handling of firearms.

Parents that enjoy hunting or shooting clearly do not want to scare their children from ever participating in these activities. However, they do not want children to misunderstand the dangers and capabilities of a firearm either. Learning gun safety always stresses that every weapon be treated as a loaded weapon so that accidents do not occur. While there is no set age for learning about gun safety, children should always have their questions answered.

When a child is playing with a toy gun the opportunity can be used to teach and enforce certain rules. Explain that guns are not to be pointed at people because they can shoot and kill. Give a child clear easy to follow rules should he or she encounter a gun. If a child finds a gun at a friend’s house or anywhere explain that it is not to be touched and an adult needs to be told immediately.

There are many gun safety classes available for children. The National Rifle Association has a program called Eddie the Eagle, and parents can call for a kit. The kit has all the included materials to teach gun safety rules at home.

Gun safety is about keeping guns secure and out of a child’s reach while also giving children important gun safety facts and rules. With this three-step approach to gun safety guns can be used safely without posing unnecessary dangers. Children that learn about gun safety from an early age can have a safe, responsible experience with firearms.

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