Great Fun And Education With Razor Ground Force Electric Go Kart


Planning to buy your kids something special which would bring a smile on their face and at the same time will make them bubble with energy? Your best choice can be the Razor Ground Force Electric Go Kart. This item is designed for free driving and riding away from the heavy traffic on the public roads.

This kart must be given to the children who are eight years of age or more. The reason is that the engine of this kart is very strong and attains a speed of about 12 miles per hour. This kart is a toy for great fun and education.

With the help of a hand brake and an accelerator, The Razor Ground Force Electric Go Kart is very easy to operate. This kart comes with a seat-belt like any other four-wheelers. This go kart from the Razor Company comes with a warranty of 90 days.

This kart has a steel body which is very much durable and the strong aluminum wheels can be easily molded in any direction as the kids wish. The kart is able to sustain a mass of about one hundred and forty pounds.

This kart does not appear completely assembled but certain pieces need to be connected before the kids can use it. The Razor Ground Force Electric Go Kart comes with some tools and equipments along with a handbook which describes the complete process. After the parts are connected completely, this kart becomes a toy which is forty inches long, twenty-nine inches wide and sixteen inches high.

The kart is designed with a tough steel frame, aluminum wheels which can be molded easily and strong four and half inch tires. The drivers can use the seat belt just as they do in other 4 wheelers. What else do you look in a kid’s toy for their enjoyment?

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