Great 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her


“The practice of observing the wedding anniversary, while primarily an excuse for gift-giving, probably has underlying it a belief in the correspondence of certain luck-bringing substances with a distinct number of years.” (Source: Funk & Wagnalls Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology, and Legend.) To mark an occasion, the husband would present the wife a wreath of silver as a 25th wedding anniversary gift.

Traditional and modern gifts for a 25th wedding anniversary should be silver. Alternatives would be green garnet and tsavorite. Silver-made items like key rings and jewelries vary in the market today. Both for him and for her.

If going to the traditional route, renewing marriage vows are more common. Plan with your parents the ideas for the party. You can have the reception with only a few family and friends or have it extravagantly made.

You need to decide how you will use your theme of silver in your decorations. Stick with silverware as the primary decor in the table. For floral arrangements, the flower for the 25th is the iris, which is a beautiful touch for center pieces. As an added touch, many prefer to show some sort of memorabilia, whether this be a slide show or a book of events and experiences of your life together.

Let this anniversary be memorable so that you can cherish memories associated with it in the years to come. Demonstrate your innermost feeling of love for your spouse with romantic anniversary songs. Purchase a better anniversary cake than the one in your wedding day and toast yourselves a glass of wine.

Occasionally there are people who desire a break from tradition and be more practical, yet still to know they are being thought of as they celebrate the passing of years spent together. For such individual, anniversary cards, personalized silver-made materials or any of the above-mentioned items and ideas would be great for their 25 anniversary present.

Place in a silver box and wrapped with silver ribbon, surprise your parents with tickets to a Broadway show, a movie, a relaxation day to the spa, or a get-away ticket to another romantic place!

No matter how one chooses to present an item, the couple will enjoy being thought of.

Have a touch of the best anniversary gift ideas in the web! Choose your 25th wedding anniversary presents now!



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