Gout Symptoms And Precautions


Gout is mainly due to overload of uric acid content in the body. This extra overload of uric acid in the body forms tiny crystals of uric acid in the tissues especially joints. Gout is chronic and progressive disease. Chronic gout is dangerous as it forms lumps beneath the skin at joints and destruct the kidney working. Uric acid is formed from the break down of the substances known as purines. The excess of uric acid in the body is excreted out of the body through urine.

For many cases of the gout it occurs to people at the big toe. The first attacks are at night time and a person gets up from the sleep. Gout causes the following at the joint.




Hardness at the joint

Generally gout is along with mild fever

Gout apart from big toe can occur to other joints like elbows, hands, wrist, knees, fingers, and ankles.

Gout causes

Gout is generally more to men than women. Generally men aged between 30-60 are targets of gout. It occurs to women after menopause.

Being overweight

Having high blood pressure

Hereditary reasons

Taking medicines such as diuretics, which contribute to increase in the flow of the urine. Medicines such as diuretics contribute to gout.

Diagnosis of gout is difficult as some people with high uric acid levels do not show signs of gout. Generally a normal doctor injects a needle at the swollen joint and takes the lubricant fluid which is known as synovial fluid and observes it under a microscope; it there are crystals of uric acid in the fluid then gout is confirmed. Some of the crystals might not be the uric acid crystals. The joint might be swollen to deposition of calcium crystals. which is known as pseudogout

Following are the prevention steps that gout suffering people need to take They shouldn’t eat foods which are rich in purine content

Stop intake of alcohol

They should drink lot of water which helps in flushing out uric acid

To control the pain at the inflammation area ice packs can be used.

Gout in untreated cases cause severe complications like

Various joints are affected due to gout

Tophi is formed

Kidney stone due to formation of uric acid crystals.

Destruction of kidney

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