Giving Out Trophies To Take Out Tension In The Office


A trophy is not a stranger to sports competitions. In fact, it is a major part of that event. A match without a trophy doesn’t seem like a serious one. It’s what the players are fighting for, the symbol of their victory.

Physical competitions aren’t the only field where trophies can be seen. They can also be seen in almost every match, including village events like cooking contests, beauty pageants, and talent contests. Even a local elementary school gives away a trophy to the grand winner of their Spelling Bee match.

But it doesn’t always have to be a prize for the game champion. Believe it or not, there is also a need for trophies at the workplace.

Staff members who have done an exceptional job are ordinarily given appreciation plaques by the management. With these plaques, the staff members know that their hard work is acknowledged and greatly valued, and whatever their place in the office is, they will endeavor to do more because they know they are valued members.

And if plaques are about showing appreciation, trophies can be a source of balance in the office. How so? A trophy shouldn’t just be about serious things. It can be used as a hilarious reminder that a workplace is composed of people who work with each other.

Organizing an annual “awards show” can help achieve that. Employees can vote for their fellow workers for amusing categories, such as an award for the most worthy worker who has drunk the most cups of coffee in a day or a trophy for the office Karaoke King or Dancing Queen for the talents they have displayed one time during an office party.

It’s not to ignite the competitive nature of the workers. The awards should not be serious at all, and should be humorous and inoffensive. The purpose of this awards show is to let employees unwind and enjoy their colleagues’ company. They may need to concentrate and give their best at work, but they should also find time to laugh and relax. They may be there to work, but they should also be aware that they are working with their fellow workers.

The entire year may have been very busy and stressful for everyone, but an “awards show” once a year will make it entertaining. That’s one way of creating balance in the workplace. Laughing with each other can decrease the tension in the office.

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