GI Joe Action Figures Price Guide – For Sale, History, List


The gi joe action figures date back all the way to the 1960’s.

The term G.I stands for the word government issue in addition has regularly been a term used by the US armed forces.

Based on the known cartoon series, the gi joe action figures represent the key divisions of the US armed forces.

The key segments that are depicted complete the figures consist of an Action Soldier (army), Action Marine (marines), Action Sailor (navy) furthermore an Action Pilot (air force).

The gi joe action figures are considered to be the fathers of the phrase ‘action figure’.

The original line of gi joe action figures were produced in 1964 by Hasbro in the United States.

These figures are considered to be the initial ‘dolls’ made for boys moreover was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame on the 11th of November 2004.

The original gi joe action figures were 12 inches initially additionally then reduced to 3 inches later on.

Anti-war ideals raised in the 1900’s brought with regards to the G.I Joe action figure line to expand their horizons besides promote non-violent military activity by making astronaut additionally Indiana Jones sort figures.

Unfortunately though the oil –crisis that emerged in the US at the time forced Hasbro to nip in the bud production on the gi joe action figures as plastic is a petroleum based product.

This nonetheless did not last. After its renewal the gi joe action figures celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2004.

This year (2010) has brought in regards to a shocking evolution of the series in addition has presently introduced the G.I Joe; the Rise of Cobra line following the cancelation of the 25th anniversary collection.

It is believed that the novel Rise of Cobra line will consist of a good number of of these not-seen-yet action figures.

There are numerous GI Joe action figure collectors today what’s more one should know that a one-off action figure may command complete $5000 while the exceedingly irreplaceable Nurse Action Girl released in 1997 can claim $6000 on a secondary market if in mint requisite.

This fact is consequential to know because gi joe action figures can be found in a flea market for less than $5.

Numerous action figure collectors not merely should keep their figures in protective circumstances but also be aware that the original casing is always desired by most bidders and buyers.

There are many economical copies besides prototypes of the G.I Joe action figure series accessible today.

In form to abstain purchasing a worthless counterfeit produce sure to nip in the bud the date of manufacture that is engraved on to the inside of the leg or seat of the pants in any figure.



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