Getting Your Dog a Dog Leash


A dog leash can be used in two ways. First when taking walks, runs or rides or second, for training. Your dog might find it a bit weird so make sure he gets used to it. This leash won’t be his greatest enemy, it gadget it used so that he can tag along with you.

When considering buying a leash, you should know that there are two types: the one used for walking and the one used for leash training. Every responsible owner should own at least one of each type.

A standard leash is usually made of leather or nylon. They are usually used for walking trips. It is also the dog leash of choice when you leash train. It measures to the standard six feet length which most states would require. They also have some safety features such as the reflective strip so that you or your dog won’t be easily missed by vehicles during the night. They are the most common type and you will see a vast variety of these with a lot of decoration since they are easily made.

Dog training leads are leashes which you use for the “come” command. First you can ask your dog to “come” to you. If he responds to the word come, give him a nice doggy treat. If he does not, walk over and attach the training leash to your dog’s collar. Repeat the command while giving it a short tug. Repeat this daily until your dog responds to the command without the tug of the leash.

A bicycle dog leash is for owners who love taking their dogs with them during a bike ride. It is made out of an aluminum tube with a plastic coated cable around it. It can extend a couple of feet from the tube allowing your dog to move freely without bumping into your bike. One end goes to the dog’s collar while the other end goes to your bike.

A show leash, also known as a martingale dog leash is usually used when dogs trot around show rings. They help dog handlers reign the dog in. Joggers or runners can also use this leash when they run with their dog.

Make sure you attach your dog’s leash properly and have a fun run!

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