Best Lice Treatment For Kids


No one wants to hear their child has lice. But it is a fact of life that those who get lice are usually children or those who work around them. They are disgusting creatures but you can get rid of them. You will need to thoroughly clean the house and give your child the best lice treatment you can. Here are some ways you can not only rid lice from your child but keep it from spreading too.

Treating the Child

You need a lice treatment to properly treat your child’s hair and get rid of the lice. These usually come with a lice removing comb which removes the lice and the nits from his hair. Nits and eggs are very small and hard to see and can’t be removed with a regular comb. You want a shampoo specifically made to get rid of lice. You may want to go out and buy the first product on the shelf but do not do that. Many of the shampoos claiming to be the best treatment for lice do not have the same support from medical professionals. They are basically a pesticide and can be very poisonous to pregnant women and children.

Cleaning the House

Cleaning the house should be next. You can vacuum the carpet and the furniture to remove dead lice. We hair falls from the person with lice the lice cling to the hair and get on the furniture. Doing simple things like this can help lice from being spread.

Treat Anything Your Child Uses on His Head

You need to gather up and clean anything that goes near your child’s head. Pillows, stuffed animals, hed gear, bedding and headphone all need cleaned. If you can are unable to put these into a regular washing machine and clean them then seal them up in a plastic bag for several days. After the live die you can remove them by hand.

Remember, although catching head lice is not fun it is treatable. And it is something anyone can get not just those who are “dirty”. If it happens to your child just make sure you get the best lice treatment there is, one that is recommended by medical professionals.

Belinda Mooney wrote this article with the aim of helping families find the best lice treatment products and methods for their family. Over 3 million people get lice every year in the US, and many struggle to rid lice on their first attempts, causing stress and embarrassment.

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